ChatGPT OpenAI 能否用來做 AI SEO 呢?

使用 ChatGPT 創作 AI SEO 內容可行嗎?

最近大家都在玩 ChatGPT,它是一個和AI 對話的程序,源自於OpenAI。 我第一時間就想到使用它來問有關SEO 的問題。 因為長久以來,一直有人想把 SEO 內容創作分判給AI , AI SEO 又是否一個可行的方案呢?

ChatGPT OpenAI 能否用來做 AI SEO 呢?

我以 AI SEO 為題,問了 OpenAI 以下問題。當中的回答我覺得相當有質素,值得和大家分享:

OpenAI 對於 SEO 的意見

How do you think about SEO? 

I think SEO is important for any website or business to increase visibility in search engine result pages and drive more organic traffic to their site. Having a solid SEO strategy helps companies build their reputation, increase their brand awareness, and better understand the needs of their customers. It’s an essential tool for success in the digital age.

Do you think SEO is a worthy investment for SMEs??

Yes, investing in SEO for small and medium businesses is a worthwhile endeavour. By optimizing search algorithms and targeting the right audience, a business can increase its online visibility and reach more potential customers. Additionally, SEO can help improve a company’s online reputation and trust from customers by appearing higher up in relevant searches. Overall, SEO offers a cost-effective way for small and medium businesses to get noticed on the Internet.

Will Google be the top player in the Search Engine industry? 

It is difficult to predict the future of any industry, particularly one as fast-changing as the search engine industry. Google already dominates the market, but it is possible that another search engine could emerge to challenge its current dominance. It is also possible that new or existing technologies could disrupt traditional search behaviour and render obsolete much of what we have known so far. Regardless, it’s certain that Google will remain an influential player in this field.

Which is the best way for SMEs, SEO or SEM?

It depends on the type of business and the desired goals. SEO is more suitable for businesses that need a longer-term, sustainable position in Google’s search results. SEM (or PPC, or CPC) is more suitable for businesses that are looking to immediately drive traffic and interest to their website with targeted campaigns. Both strategies can be valuable, so it’s important to evaluate which approach best suits your needs.

Do you think AI SEO is important for content creation? 

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an important tool for SEO as it can be used to help generate content that is both relevant and engaging. AI can be used to identify keywords and patterns; examine search behaviour; optimise content structure; assess the quality of content, and make recommendations on copywriting. As technology advances, AI-generated content will likely continue to become more prominent in SEO marketing as businesses strive to get the most out of their investment in content creation.

Any difference between AI-generated content and human writing? 

The major difference between content produced by human versus AI is that AI does not have the same level of creativity, context and nuanced understanding as a human. AI can produce basic content, but it is unable to comprehend more complex topics and ideas or interpret data in meaningful ways. Human-authored content has more depth and incorporates analysis, interpretation and opinion in addition to factual information.

Do you think AI will create SEO content in the future? 

Yes, it is possible that SEO content creation may be taken up by AI in the future. AI can be used to help create SEO-optimised text in an automated fashion and could save significant time and effort and reduce the need for humans to manually do an SEO analysis. It could also quickly process large amounts of data and use insights to create effective content.

Will Tiktok replace Google to be the top player in Search Engine?

No, I don’t think so. TikTok is a short-form video-sharing app and Google is a search engine, two very different services.

Google 對 AI SEO 的看法:

在開始之前, Google 首先下了官方定調:對AI 創作SEO 內容,一律不接受,且定義為 Spamming 垃圾內容。 不過我在想, Google 又如何能分別文章是人寫,又或由電腦所寫呢?

這個問題就似 Google 一直堅持文章內容要符合 E-A-T 三大原則,以符合排到首位的要求:

  • Expertise 
  • Authoritativeness 
  • Trustworthiness 

而現實上名列前茅的文章內容,也不見得一定是由行業專家所寫。 你需要的Expertise, 就是要了解眾人的需求、眾人使用Keywords 關鍵字詞搜尋的習慣和方法。 

AI SEO 的優點: 

  1. 大大加速內容創作。 就好似本文章, 一半內容都是AI 提供。AI 回答得頭頭是道,很有質素,有時我還覺得一般人也不能回答得如此有條不紊。 
  2. 人的角色不再是創作,而是提供內容角度和編輯。我會先做資料蒐集,了解眾人問題和痛點, 思考要使用的詞句,組織成問題, 再叫AI 回答。AI 的內容, 我也會作修改, 務求令到它更符合搜尋器的要求和規則。
  3. 核查,校對和驗證。AI 提供內容可能都源自網上,人類也要確定資訊來源和可靠性。還要加上 Outbound Links,這個也是SEO 相當看重的元素。

過往預言 AI 崛起後,它會取代了藍領工人的就業機會。但現在看來, AI 率先取代白領的工作機會,包括在互聯網、金融、會計、法規等專業領域。 

後記:香港用戶想玩 ChatGPT 有何方法? 

除非你有海外電話卡和使用 VPN 註冊,否則香港用戶暫不能使用ChatGPT。(又再一次說好香港故事)

若果真的想玩, 可以折衷一點使用 OpenAI on Telegram ,據網站文檔稱都是源自 OpenAI ,一樣能夠使用Auto Chatbot 和創作圖畫。

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