This is not an UFO, this is the Venus

One night before the super Moon comes to Hong Kong, I spotted a very bright star hanging in the deep sky. My room’s window is facing southwest, this shinning star was just next to a mountain ridge. Previously, I thought the light was from an airplane. But the light remained its position and didn’t blink red and blue lights when I was starring it for at least ten seconds. So I confirmed that this was not an aircraft. And I’ve never seen a plane flying over that area.

The Venus, the third brightest object in sky captured at night
Capturing a photo of UFO should be an achievement for the ones who love paranormal, but probably this is not an UFO but our neighboring planet Venus.

Track down the Venus

I wondered if this shinning object was an UFO, if so I would be extremely happy! In order to confirm my finding, I researched some facts about astronomy. First, I looked for the star magnitude scale. The Sun, the Moon and the Venus are the top three brightest astronomical stars viewing from Earth. Possibly, the shinning object was the Venus. Then, I downloaded an mobile apps Night Sky. When I pointed my cell phone to the direction of the star, it showed that it was the Venus: same direction, same angle of inclination and same shinning color.

To double confirm, I checked the online starry map with reverse-chronological function. The result was the same, Venus was slightly above the horizon at the southwest direction when I starred it.

Venus was above the horizon and about to set
Venus was above the horizon and about to set
Although the shinning object was not an UFO, it didn’t disappoint me, because I have discovered that I am enjoying the process of verification and checking!

2 thoughts on “This is not an UFO, this is the Venus

  1. It’s hard to find well-informed people about this topic, but you seem like
    you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    1. thank you. I think this topic is always attractive and interesting, so it pushes me keep looking around.

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