My first travel to London

Hong Kong and London had had a very special connection. One was the crown’s colony in the East for over 150 years; and London is still the top capital in the world and also the heart of the United Kingdom. I picked London as my first destination to travel in Europe, because of the special relationship of Hong Kong and Britain.

It’s sooooo good that the weather was awesome when I was in London in June 2015. My friend said that this should be the best timing to visit the capital.

king's cross station
king’s cross station is near to my dorm reserved by airbnb
Trafalgar Square
Every great city should have a great square, London has Trafalgar Square where I printed my footstep in London.
London Eye and Thames River
Thames River is the trademark of London, but the sunshine weather doesn’t
Thames River music show
The riverside is the best common area for citizens where you can spend a whole afternoon and do nothing

London is a real, grand and ancient capital of the British Empire that was governing over 25% of territory in the world and crafting a civilized model for the modern mankind. Old building built in 19th century were everywhere in the city, they are not standing alone in a street corner, but an entire district or a block. No can see in Hong Kong and China, as the mass think that the old things should be discarded and which is an obstacle against development.

national flag of Britain
You can experience the classic and grandness of the nation
Admiralty Arch, London
Admiralty Arch is a great building to glorify the Empire’s great history
Nelson' Column at Trafalgar Square
Admiral Nelson is a symbolic hero for British people
Queen Victoria should be the great founder for the British Empire
Queen Victoria should be the great founder for the British Empire

Statues and stone columns are easily found in London City center.The people shall never forget what the previous generation had done for today’s prosperity and peace.

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