Pinkhead the mural painter

I met Jackie in 2014. I was greeting with her and her expat friend on JCCAC rooftop when I was showing some photos of Hong Kong hawkers. If my memory was correct, her hair was in pink color. This is a perfect match for her, because she has a special nickname of Pinkhead. And, she is a mural painter and artist in Hong Kong.

Jackie the Mural Painter from WING LEUNG TSUI on Vimeo.

Jackie Pinkhead is painting on a wall
You have to be patient when painting mural as every movement is irreversible

She invites me to film a short footage, recording the painting work in a remote kindergarten in Sheung Shui Hong Kong. Her painting mates and she have been working for few weeks during hot and humid summer time. And it should be my first time to see how difficult and technical oil painting or mural painting are.


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