is Hong Kong your home anymore?

香港 你還可愛嗎? Is Hong Kong your home anymore? from WING LEUNG TSUI on Vimeo.

2014 was a historical year for the city of Hong Kong. The hope of universal suffrage in 2017, which had been promised by the British-Sino Joint Declaration, were smashed by the Beijing government. A series of protests and class boycotts started in schools and high institutes in September 2014. With the influence of a highly controversial public obsidian campaign “Occupy Central”, angry and hopeless people fought back, who didn’t solely walking along roads and streets silently; but surrounded the government buildings and took over highways, trying to pressurize the governement. Riot Police was deployed and tried to clear the mass surrounding the government blocks with 79 rounds of smoke grenades and tear gas, but in vain. Finally, thousands of citizens took over the business centers in Hong Kong, Mong Kok, Central, Admiralty and Causeway Bay for at over 70 days, starting from 28 September 2014 evening, when the first tear gas exploded. The mass media named this occupation or the very first time of citizen disobedience in Hong Kong history as “Umbrella Revolution” or “Umbrella Movement”. This name originated from when protesting people were defending themselves from tear gas and police batons with umbrellas.

The video was filmed and edited amid the occupation period. Interviewing a couple of people from all walks of lives, and I would like to investigate how the young generation shape a new Hong Kong after this tremendous and historical milestone. This video was publicly shown in JCCAC in 2015. 

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