Team Salomon Hong Kong | Hong Kong 100 Ultra Marathon

I was invited to become a hiking photographer by Salomon Hong Kong. My job duty is to capture every stunning moments and snaps of elite runners participating in HK100 ultra-marathon.

Team Salomon Hong Kong invited global top runners: François D’Haene, Yan Long-fei and Dong Li who can finish the 100-km route within 12 hours! The speed is almost like normal people running on flat floor, and those athletes can maintain this pacing for half of the day! This is simply amazing!

HK100 Ultra Marathon 2016 | Team Salomon Hong Kong from WING LEUNG TSUI on Vimeo.

During the competition period, a cold wave hit Hong Kong hard! At Hong Kong’s highest peak Tai Mo Shan, the temperature had reached minus 5 degree Celsius! This is extremely rare in a sub-tropical city like Hong Kong. Many local runners were trapped at the hill due to severe weather. Some fell to injured as road was fully covered with ice. Even firemen and rescue team were new to this situation.

After 12-hour hiking, racers finished their race at Tai Mo Shan, the finish point of HK100.
Being a hiking photographer, the happiest moment is probably watching racers finish the game at Tai Mo Shan

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