A day of Photographer – Raleigh Challenge Wilson Trail HK 2015

Raleigh Challenge is one of the longest hiking competition in Hong Kong. All participants have to finish the 78-km long Wilson Trail, running along from Southern Hong Kong to the northern Hong Kong border within 2 days.

A Day of Photographer – Raleigh Challenge Wilson Trail HK 2015 from WING LEUNG TSUI on Vimeo.

This was the 2nd time to be a Photographer in Raleigh Challenge Hong Kong. Taking good photos is not a easy job, the first thing is that you need to wake up earlier and sleep earlier. Waking up at 3am, and preparing the whole day work at 5, and keep shooting and recording the valuable moments for almost 10 hours. I try to mount a Sony action camera on my Canon DSLR. The small camera did capture lots of interesting moments with angles that I hardly discovered before. So please enjoy the sports photography!

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