How to use hiking poles for climbing up hills

In hiking competitions, elite runners use trekking poles to improve performance and accelerate climbing pacing. They can maintain to move forward in 5 kilometers per hour, almost the same pacing to what you are walking on flat road! Because the poles are able to withstand your body weight that your arms can contribute to 30% of […]

A day of Photographer – Raleigh Challenge Wilson Trail HK 2015

Raleigh Challenge is one of the longest hiking competition in Hong Kong. All participants have to finish the 78-km long Wilson Trail, running along from Southern Hong Kong to the northern Hong Kong border within 2 days. A Day of Photographer – Raleigh Challenge Wilson Trail HK 2015 from WING LEUNG TSUI on Vimeo. This […]

Team Salomon Hong Kong | Hong Kong 100 Ultra Marathon

I was invited to become a hiking photographer by Salomon Hong Kong. My job duty is to capture every stunning moments and snaps of elite runners participating in HK100 ultra-marathon. Team Salomon Hong Kong invited global top runners: François D’Haene, Yan Long-fei and Dong Li who can finish the 100-km route within 12 hours! The […]